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    It will take time for Korean cosmetics to cut prices after tax reduction
    Category: Industry news
    Date: 2018-01-17
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    Author: 佚名
    Although the China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement has begun to implement the first step of tax reduction, and will implement the second step of tax reduction from January 1 next year, South Korea’s ...

    Although the China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement has begun to implement the first step of tax reduction, and will implement the second step of tax reduction from January 1 next year, South Korea’s imported cosmetics, which are popular among consumers after tax reduction, are expected to cut prices, but reporters visited the market to understand As a result, the prices of various imported cosmetics in South Korea have not dropped significantly. At present, the discount price of some imported cosmetics in South Korea is due to the year-end promotion activities organized by the merchants, and has nothing to do with tax reduction.

    Year-end promotion has nothing to do with tax reduction

    The reporter learned that the implementation of the China-South Korea FTA will reduce tariffs on Korean imports, which in turn will reduce the price of Korean imports in the domestic market, including cosmetics that consumers are keen to buy. In order to understand whether the market price of imported cosmetics in South Korea has been affected by the decline, recently, the reporter came to a number of large shopping malls and imported goods stores in Beijing, and found that some imported Korean cosmetics have discount prices, but they are all held in order to increase sales. The year-end promotion has nothing to do with tax reduction. “Recently, our specialty stores have launched discounts at the end of the year. For example, US imports of snacks can be used for 20%, South Korean imports of cosmetics can be used for 25%, and French imported red wine can be used for 8.5 fold.” Head of an imported goods store in Chaoyang District, Beijing Said.

    Subsequently, the reporter also found that the Korean imported cosmetics have preferential prices on major online shopping platforms. The reporter saw on the Tmall Mall website that South Korea Guerisson nine Yunma ointment cream 70G original price of 258 yuan, promotional price of 92 yuan; South Korea Cloud9 nine cloud whitening cream 50ml original price of 358 yuan, promotional price of 106.2 yuan; South Korea authentic nine Yunmei white moisturizing spot spot essence 30ml original price 290 yuan, promotional price 109 yuan. The reporter saw on the cross-border website that the snowflake show Zijing Huanyan white ginseng scrub was originally priced at 371 yuan, discounted at 324 yuan; BELIF peony pure cleansing milk 150ml was 222 yuan, the discounted price was 188 yuan; South Korea Rainbow Rainbow three The curved rainbow mask is 10 pieces with the original price of 89 yuan, and the discounted price is 59.5 yuan. "At present, the prices of various Korean imported cosmetics in the online store have been lowered, which has nothing to do with the implementation of the tax reduction policy for Korean imports by the China-South Korea FTA. It is a preferential activity for our online stores to increase sales. Different brands of Korean cosmetics are not discounted. In the same way, there are some special cosmetics that can be purchased in limited time for consumers to buy,” said the owner of a Korean imported cosmetics online store.

    Some insiders said that tax reduction is a long-term process and will not be immediately reflected in the terminal price. Cosmetics such as Korean shampoo, shower gel and skin care products will be partially taxed by 20% to 35% in 5 years; oral cleaning products such as toothpaste will cancel the current 10% tariff within 10 years, and consumers still need to wait patiently.

    Consumers wait patiently for Korean cosmetics to cut prices

    “I usually like to use Korean imported cosmetics, I will buy it on the shopping website. I bought a lot of products such as mask, essence, eye cream, face cream, facial cleanser and so on a few days ago. I have spent a lot of money. Recently I saw the media. Reporting that the China-South Korea FTA has been implemented, South Korea's imported cosmetics are also within the scope of tax reduction, and may reduce prices, so there is no need to spend a lot of money to buy later." Consumer Feng said. "I heard that the tax reduction of imported goods in South Korea requires a process. I am disappointed that all kinds of Korean imported cosmetics and toiletries in the domestic market will not be cut immediately. However, I will wait patiently because the policy has already been implemented. In order to buy cheap Korean cosmetics, it is worthwhile for our consumers to wait for a while." Ms. Yao said.

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